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At Nemesis Pictures Company, we provide a dynamic amalgamation of artist and talent. We are committed to quality and visionary artistic expression of all our content and aim to connect world wide audience through dreams and storytelling.

Creative team

Our creative team will help you do it.

Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan is a Mumbai based Writer , Director , Cinematographer . A graduate from Mumbai University in IT , he started his career in advertising while working as an assistant to Cinematographer Dhimant Vyas.

Emran Khan

With over 20+ years of experience to his credit, Emran has been synonymous with constantly delivering and Producing creative and flawless projects in live telecast projects, Ad films, Visual content & designing, Live events, Music projects, Sports, Fashion, and festivals, with a richly diverse client portfolio expanding over multiple industries.

He blends strategic thought with passionate creativity & technical expertise.

Tauseef S

Tauseef has worked to be where he is today. He started as a fashion photo assistant and after a few years, he became a photographer himself. His interest and creativity in art led him to this field. He has worked as a chief assistant photographer at Pravin Talan Photography and also was the former director and fashion photographer at Tauseef S Photography. This organization works with top Bollywood celebrities and is very famous. Much later, he started working as an assistant director and then slowly paved his way to direct and produce films himself. He was the assistant director at Chrome Pictures and now Executive Producer at Nemesis Picture. Nemesis Picture is a Mumbai-based famous production house.